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blank artist canvas art and smiles

Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

All Sizes from 5x5 up to 60x80 inches.
Depths from 3/4 up to 4.5 inches
stretcher bars art and smiles

All of our canvases have beveled frames

Neatly fitted,glued and stapled together

weaving stick shuttles art and smiles

Weaving stick shuttles and more in all sizes

Sanded to a smooth finish

Welcome to our web site!

Online shopping is becoming more popular simply because it allows the buyers to locate sellers who can offer alternatives to just buying what's available at most stores. 

Although the waiting time during shipping is not all that great!  We all know good things come to those who are willing to wait.  This is why we pack free items in every order! 

We pack and ship our items within 24 to 48 hours of purchase and ship via Fedex,UPS,USPS 3-7 days ground. 

Most packages arrive within 3 to 5 days of purchase depending on the buyers location. 

Feel free to browse all of our items to see what we have to offer and remember that if you do not see what you need, do not get discouraged because we can customize any of the products that we sale to suit your needs.

 All of the items that we sale are made buy our company so we are able to make exactly what you need for a great price.      

Our 30 day money back/exchange policy starts when your item arrives to you.

All our our weaving supplies have a life time warranty. 

You will receive updated shipping info on your purchase via email after we receive you're payment.

Whether you want something small, simple and basic or customized to suit your needs, A&S can make it happen. You can count on us to deliver what we promise.

We have over 19 years of experience and desire to offer our customers the best prices possible along with top quality!  Our pre- stretched canvases, assembled stretcher frames, stretcher bars and weaving tools are all made with quality material and inspected afterward to ensure customer satisfaction.

Free shipping on most orders within the US Excluding Alaska and Hawaii.  

Local deliver to our local buyers.  

All of our canvases are gallery wrapped, double primed with universal primer which makes them suitable for all mediums and styles of painting. 

We can custom any size from 4x4 up to 60x80 inches. 

Free shipping only apply to the items that we have listed. Certain custom orders may not qualify for free shipping. Large canvases are more expensive to ship. Sizes such as 24x48 and larger may not qualify for free shipping, it all depends on your location.

 We will have to discuss shipping arrangements BUT we will find the lowest rates possible to help save money. 

Our weaving tools are all hand crafted and sanded to a smooth finish to prevent snags.

Here's a list of our services and some of  what  we carry: 

Pre-Stretched, Gallery Wrapped Artist Canvas

Assembled Canvas Stretcher Frames

Disassembled frames, large and small 

Canvas Stretcher Bars in all sizes

Image stretching over frames. We can stretched your favorite print in any size

Floater Frames in all sizes, colors and depths

Canvas Cloth Per Yard 100% Cotton Cloth Double Prime

Original Oil Paintings on Stretched Artist Canvas

Portraits in oil paint 

Weaving Shuttles, Oak, Red Cedar and Pine

Weaving tablets and cards. 

B2B Discount  Bulk Buys.

Beautiful Red Cedar weaving shuttles.  

One of cedar’s best traits can’t be seen—but it can be smelled. 

The rich, distinctive odor of cedar oil is a natural insect repellent. One whiff will help deter moths, mosquitoes and even termites. Western Red cedar is rapidly becoming a top choice for weaving tools that will be used around wool and cotton fabrics because of its ability to deter insects. It also has a naturally occurring fungicidal compounds called thujaplicin. These compounds fight decay-causing fungi, making this tree one of the most durable coniferous species and contributing to cedar’s long life span of 800 years or more.  Cedar is a hygroscopic wood, meaning it absorbs and releases water, moisture and condensation in a regulated way that maintains equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. This is why items made from cedar have superior protection against warping,  rot and are able to withstand moist climates. In fact, cedar is so renowned for its moisture-handling capabilities that it’s considered a premium wood for hot tubs, saunas, roofing shingling, and fences.

We understand that each client has different needs - that's why we're more than willing to serve your unique requests. 

If you are searching for something that is not on our website, just ask! We'll be more than happy to help.

All of the items that we sale are made and shipped through our company. We can custom the items you need for a great price.  

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canvas illusion frame art and smiles

Floater Illusion Frames

All natural wood 

Very beautiful and well constructed

Sanded to a fine, smooth finish

We have all sizes and depths from 1.0'' to 4.0''

Unbeatable prices and fast service 

We can frame it for you no matter to size.

We do not need to keep your art, we just need to exact measurements

Make your image stand out in a beautiful frame! Great Prices!

natural wood floater frame art and smiles
illision frame art and smiles
black floater frame art and smiles